Quick Tips for Opening Your Pool This Season

While we wait for warmer temperatures, a lot of us, especially here in Florida, are already anticipating jumping in the pool. Why not go ahead and "open" your pool with some helpful tips and even some products that will make your pool chemistry eco-friendly?

  1. Check your equipment. If you haven't run your pool equipment since last winter, check this first to make sure everything is still in operating condition.
  2. Check expiration dates on chemicals. If you have leftover chemicals from last year, check for expiration dates to make sure all chemicals are still in working condition. Also check for leaks in the bottles or spillage in your chemical containment area.
  3. Bring the pool water level up to swim level, usually less than 2–3 inches below the waterline tile. You can use your hose in the backyard to get this level up if necessary.
  4. Fish out any large debris that has fallen into the swimming pool. Large items or trash in the pool can clog your pool cleaner or vacuum hose, so best to skim those out before you start up the cleaner.
  5. Add chemicals or "shock" to get your pool chemicals back in balance. Natural Chemistry makes a great opening kit called the Hassle Free Kit, which combines two important opening and closing products. The kit includes 1-1L Pool Magic+PHOSfree and 1-1L METALfree. Pool Magic+PHOSfree is ideal for treating your pool at the beginning and end of each season. It contains natural enzymes that break down non-living organics to make opening and closing fast and easy. METALfree is a highly effective metal deactivation agent that prevents staining and discoloration from trace metals such as iron and copper. METALfree also prevents scale buildup due to calcium and other minerals. These trace metals may already be in the pool fill water or in water added to maintain the water level. METALfree should be used as part of a well-designed weekly pool maintenance program. METALfree does not contain phosphonic acids and will NOT raise phosphate levels in pool water.
  6. Test your water chemistry using a water testing kit. If you’re nearby, bring your sample to Cox Pools for free testing!
  7. Get ready to start swimming!