So Many Ways to Save on a New Pool Pump this Spring

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Upgrading your pool pump can help you save in so many different ways!

Did you know that many utility companies offer rebates for the purchase and installation of an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump, especially if it is replacing an older, less energy-efficient model? That’s right! Utility companies recognize the savings that a new, ENERGY STAR certified pool pump can offer.

You can visit Pentair’s list of public utility rebates to find available programs in your area. Utilities on this list are offering rebates for the purchase of an IntelliFlo® or IntelliPro® Variable Speed Pump. It is important to remember that rebate amounts, program dates and eligibility requirements are subject to change by the utility company without notice. If you don’t see your utility company, try checking their website or giving them a call.

So how much can you save? By upgrading to a Pentair pump with variable speed technology, you can save up to 90%* in energy costs (or up to $1,500* a year)! That’s a lot of savings for such a simple change. In addition to annual savings from a variable speed pool pump and the potential rebate from your utility company Pentair is offering rebates on select ENERGY STAR certified models starting April 1st! Learn more about Pentair’s pool pump rebates here.

When you upgrade your pool’s pump, the environment is sure to thank you! So if you’re ready to make a splash this spring and upgrade your pool pump, find a Pentair dealer near you today!

Make a Savings Splash with a New ENERGY STAR Certified Pool Pump and Utility Rebates!


*Savings based on variable speed pump compared to a single-speed pump running 12 hours per day at an average of $0.16 per kWh in a 20,000 gallon pool. Actual savings may vary based on local utility rates, pool size, pump run time, pump horsepower, pump rpm, plumbing size and length, pump model, service factor and other hydraulic factors.