Swim Into Fall

Beautiful swimming pool with fall trees

As summer has just faded into fall, many pool owners are already covering their pools for the season. Hang on! Did you know it’s okay to swim into the fall months? There’s still plenty of great weather left for swimming, so feel free to continue using your pool into the fall months. Here are three reasons we recommend swimming into fall:

Swimming is a great exercise, and fall is a great time to do it

Swimming is a fantastic, low-impact exercise that offers a great cardio workout for people at any fitness level. Swimming in the fall is no different than in the summer, except that the air temperatures are on the cooler side. Swimming and other water exercise gets your blood pumping and warms you up quickly, so you’re likely to be more comfortable exercising when air temperatures are lower.

Fall swimming allows more time for pool safety lessons

As a pool owner you know pool safety is a top priority. With too much time away from the pool, kids are likely to forget these valuable pool safety lessons. More pool time for your kids means you’ll have more time to teach and remind them about pool safety. Keeping pool safety as a top priority will help your family safe, as kids are less likely to forget lessons that could save their lives.

Fall pool parties are a great way to start the school year

Back-to-school is an exciting time to be a kid, and after the summer vacation, kids are more than ready to see old friends and make new ones at school. Fall pool parties are great for kicking off the school year on a fun note, and also offer great opportunities for parents to meet and network. They create an opportunity to work out carpooling schedules, learn about your child’s school and teachers, and even make some new friends, all while the kids have a blast. Get inspired for your back-to-school pool party here.