RedSquare Pools

RedSquare is based in Las Vegas, NV where we are devoted to the endless pursuit of providing great service and guidance regarding the Swimming Pool & Spa Industry. April 2009: RedSquare launched our Wordpress Blog with the sole purpose to educate residential customers on subjects related to Maintenace and General Repairs. As trade professionals, we have access to information that is not normally released to the public. In homeowners confusion, they turn to their browsers to research topics that are scattered throughout the disparate Websites and YouTube videos. We achieved our goal in providing both the homeowner and service professional a single source vetted solutions to common problems. What was originally considered a "Social Experiment", has now transformed into an amazing avenue for RedSquare to communicate with users from across 36 countries.
Services Provided:
RedSquare's target demographic is threefold: Virtual Pool Contractor - Leveraging both IOS and Android Applications, RedSquare has expanded our reach by providing Residential & Commercial Clients with Services including Diagnosis, Repair Recommendations, and a List of Vendors that can implement the Repair. Traditional Residential Services - Maintenance, Repair & Restoration. Marketing Services - Servicing swimming pool professionals with a suite of products including Market Analysis, Web Design, Branding, Social Network Strategy and Lead Generation.
Areas Served:
Las Vegas, NV (Headquarters) Virtual Pool Contractor - Predominantly North America (US and Canada) and Australia
Contact: Vaughn Berger
2485 Barclay Street
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