Water & Pool Safety: Everything Homeowners Need To Know

Mother and children with personal flotation devices in swimming pool

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can transform your summer days from hot and uncomfortable to cool and unforgettable. A pool often becomes a neighborhood magnet for fun and relaxation on a hot summer’s day, and the chances of lifelong memories being created by the pool are high.

But with the joy of a swimming pool comes a certain degree of responsibility. Have you noticed that when people gather, everyone thinks that someone else is watching the kids at the pool? It is every adult’s responsibility to take care of their loved ones around the pool.  

Here are seven tips to help keep everyone safe in and around the pool this summer:

  1. Know who is watching the swimmers: Assign an adult or two at the pool to be responsible for watching the swimmers. You can take turns, but make sure someone is always on duty!
  2. Don’t get distracted: When you’re on duty, put your phone, books and magazines down and get involved in the action happening at the pool. Also, don’t consume adult beverages while you’re watching the swimmers.  
  3. Know who can swim and who can’t: Know whether the children in the pool know how to swim and their swimming level so that you know whether you need to be extra-vigilant.
  4. Keep an eye on small children: Just because children can swim, it doesn’t mean they can be in the pool alone. A flotation device is NEVER a substitute for adult supervision in and around the pool. Small children should stay close to adults whenever they are in or around the pool.
  5. Know the emergency numbers: Write down the phone numbers that you may need in an emergency, and keep them in a visible area where they are easily accessible. Also, don’t forget to have a phone handy.
  6. Secure the pool area with a barrier or a fence: When your pool is inaccessible to unsupervised children and uninvited swimmers, the safer it is. Check out this guide to the pool fencing and signage requirements in your state.
  7. Don’t forget the sun screen: Taking care of your skin should already be part of your daily routine but should be even more so during lazy summer days spent in the sun. Test your sun screen knowledge with this fun quiz!

Remember that the price of safety is eternal vigilance. The good news is that thinking about pool safety will soon become second nature to you, once you know what to be aware of.


Pentair takes pool safety seriously. That’s why we’re a proud sponsor of the 2018 National Water Safety Month. Get more ideas on how to promote water safety here.